Why Starbucks?

Tell Starbucks to Enact and Publicly Announce a National Corporate Policy that Mothers will Not be asked to Leave, Cover, Move, or Hide when Breastfeeding their Babies

Plan a Nurse-in or a Nurse-out in Your Community

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Why Starbucks?
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Why Starbucks?

Babies have a right to eat when they are hungry. Women should be welcome to breastfeed their children in every public place. They should never be asked to hide, move, “cover up”, or leave. Every state should have a law which protects this right and every business should have a policy that women will not be asked to change their breastfeeding. Asking women to hide their breastfeeding is discriminatory to mothers and relegates mothers who choose to breastfeed to their homes.

This campaign starts with asking Starbucks to set such a policy to serve as a model for other corporations. Starbucks is a fast-growing and successful business. Starbucks claims that Corporate Social Responsibility is “the way we do business” and lists in their mission statement that one of the guiding principles is, “To contribute positively to our community and our environment.” (See www.starbucks.com)

We are challenging Starbucks to live up to this commitment, and to create an environment which supports mothers to make the healthiest choice they can make for their babies. We hope other companies will follow suit.